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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ways for Teens to Make Money

No doubt do teens need money, they are about the closest age to premature to adults. As being an adult, everything revolves around money, from electricity bills to paying for a house mortgage. Preparing for that hectic life as a teenager can not only give teenagers a better glimpse of understanding adulthood, but can also help to prepare them money wise for the future.

Ways for Teens to Make Money

The ways for teens to make money are simply endless. One key value to get out of this is that essentially every last bit adds up. How much teens make out of some of these methods are totally up to how openly they are to opportunities. Trying to make money as a teenager can be a bit nerve wrecking at first, however, once you receive that first paycheck, it makes that moment that much worthwhile.

Department Stores: Typically most department stores would hire a teen for a helping hand, whether it be for a small deli store, or a somewhat large department store, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Back when I was a teen, most of my friends considered this as a way for teens to make money and still be able to excel in studying.

Pet Sitting: Pet sitting is one of the more lucrative ways to for teens to make money. It can be both fun and enjoyable and at the same time great for your wallet. No doubt is pet sitting one of the more relaxing, fun, and enjoyable duties out there that are applicable to both adult and teens.

Baby Sitting: You’ve got to learn how to change a baby’s diaper someday right? Why not learn how to while making money. Baby sitting goes beyond a great method of making money, it is also a great ordeal as a long life lesson to taking care of kid’s essential needs, such as, food, shelter, warmth, and etc; so when your in for the real deal, you know what to do.

Working on Computers: One of the biggest problems with adults is that they don’t have time to deal with technical stuff that revolves around operating a computer. This leaves a great open market for teens who are technological. That is why if you know some basic skills, such as, reformatting a computer, how to delete malicious files and spyware, you can charge a fee for your service, which can be time wise, a great benefit.

Typing Jobs: Although this is probably one of the most rarest occasion to find a job like this, if you do happen to find one like this and your good at typing, the rewards can be compensating. Typing jobs can leave you a remarkable $9-$15/h, not bad for the average teenager right? If your quick at typing and love the idea of making money by typing papers, ask your parent’s co-workers or ask any business owner you know that might consider hiring such a position. Plus, on the bright side if you get the position, it is mobile; you can work at home or anywhere that has a computer.

Phone Calling: You have probably already have been doing this ever since you got your first cell phone, calling your friends, family members, whatever, but now you can be making money with phone calling for different reasons. Most business owners would consider calling services to find potentially interested customers, and for every hour or valued customer that does a certain “action,” you get compensated. This is overall a get work at home job that you can do anywhere on the go and the rewards can be compensating.

Tutor: Tutoring is a great way to make money with the luxury of helping a person out in a field that he/she needs more development in. Depending on what studies your tutoring in, it can be of course, rewarding.

Ways for Teens to Make Money Online

Jobs on Craigslist: Nowadays, Craigslist is a great source to finding local opportunities that meet your expertise, whether it be jobs for typing, writing, designing, whatever, it is a source to reckon with. (list of classified ads sites)

Take Paid Surveys: Paid surveys are great for teens as well as parents to make an extra income on the side. Surveys can come from $1-$10 per survey depending on the duration of the survey and how interested they are with your profile. Two panels that I recommend teens to join are Opinion Outpost andSynovate.

Some more great legitimate paid survey panels you can join to make money online, can be found here.

Start Blogging: Anyone can start blogging and make money, even teens can blog and make money online. All there is to blogging is to write valuable content and attract readers to come and visit the blog and whenever you make a sale, lead or click, depending on what affiliate networks you join, you make money.

For more information on How to Make a Website and Make Money Off It, click here to learn more about how to get started.

Web Designing: As in a time of era of the social networking out pour, web designing in general is becoming a leading market that is available to both skilled teens and adults. Due to social networking sites like Myspace that are becoming a big hit, backgrounds, fonts, colors, are becoming a big market. You don’t even have to stop there. If your skilled at what you do, you can even charge hundreds of dollars for your services. In this market, if you are good, you get really rewarding compensation, if your not so good, not so great. It is one or the other.

If you consider this to be your type of “work,” feel free to join CrowdSpring and 99 Designs to find web designing, logo designing, opportunities.

Sell Goods on Ebay: If you have some items that can still be worthwhile to another valued customer, consider selling it on Ebay. There’s bound to be someone wanting to buy what you are selling. Keeping away from all the clutter is already becoming a problem, so why not sell it and make a spare change while your at it?

Write Product Reviews:

Ever purchased a merchandise or visited a certain site that you didn’t like? Well write about practically anything and you can be making money online with sites likeCiao, Epinions, and ReviewStream. All that is required is that you write long length insightful reviews and not “I like this site because customer service was great.”

Get Paid to Write Articles: Got some helpful family oriented tips that you would like to share it for the world to see? Whether it be secret recipes or just a secret technique you use whenever you bake to make a pie crispy, you can write about practically anything as long as they are well written and informative and make money online. Some sites to consider joining are Helium, Bukisa, and Associated Content. If you write valuable content, generally, the more they pay.

Note that copy and pasted articles won’t benefit you or them anything. You will be just wasting your time because they don’t accept already published work.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Get Paid to Take Surveys

Everyone always have this impression that paid survey panels are literally companies just out there to get your information and are just scams. The truth is that about 88.9% of survey companies are scammers out there just to get your information, and god forbid, your money as well.

Joining a paid survey panel should be free and not the other way around. If you see a merchant that says otherwise, you can already assure that it is a scam.

Although 88.9% of paid surveys are scams, there is still a minority of legitimate panels that actually pay. You just have to find the right panels to join. Survey panels that guarantee around $25 - $75 per survey are simply people who are over exaggerating and are just trying to a, get more referrals in their name so they can get more money, or b, the survey site is just a scam.

I don't want to make this an annoying sales letter, so I will get right to the chase.

I have been introduced to paid surveys for a decade, and personally, I believe it is worth the time you put into it. The only number one reason why paid surveys aren't reliable is because of it's consistency. Literally, you can make a living off paid surveys only if you got them everyday. Legitimate panels pay around $0.50 to even $10 for every survey you take. And surveys can take only 10 to 30 minutes each. Anticipate how much you will earn if you did a $10 survey in just 20 minutes. The bottom line is that paid surveys is a great opportunity to make money whenever you get a paid survey via through e-mail. Personally, I call it a hobby because all I'm doing is sharing my opinion to businesses pre-launching products, and I am getting paid for it. Sometimes I even get test products that aren't even released yet. You can also see videos that aren't even released yet as well like the Jonas Brothers show before they got aired in Disney channel.

If you got the time and love the idea that you will get paid for taking LEGITIMATE surveys, simply join one of these survey panels in this list that I swooped up in my free time. The rewards can be juicy and there is really no downside to it when you have found the right panels to join. Don't let the pathetic amateur survey panels let you down. Join actual legitimate survey panels that pay their customers.

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